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Can abdominal tuberculosis spread to others? Tuberculosis bacteria reach the gastrointestinal tract via haematogenous spread, ingestion of infected sputum, or direct spread from infected contiguous lymph nodes and fallopian tubes. The most common site of involvement of the gastrointestinal tuberculosis is the ileocaecal region.
WHO TB high burden countries? These countries include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Russian Federation, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam, Zimbabwe.
Is latent TB Serious? Active TB can be very harmful to your health, but it can be cured with a course of medicine. If you have latent TB, the TB bacteria in your body are 'asleep'. You are not ill and you cannot pass TB on to others.
Can TB infect the kidneys? Renal involvement in TB can be part of a disseminated infection or a localized genitourinary disease. Renal involvement by TB infection is underdiagnosed in most health care centers. Most patients with renal TB have sterile pyuria, which can be accompanied by microscopic hematuria.
The second season of Apple Inc's "The Morning Show" will deal with the leadership vacuum created by the sexual misconduct scandal on the fictional news program and may or may not see the return of star Steve Carell, producers rifadin said on Sunday. Roger Federer reflects on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics -- where he has a shot at winning his first gold medal -- and gets quizzed on his rugby knowledge. Serena Williams was seen flaunting koala-themed nail polish on the court on Monday as she took on Russian opponent Anastasia Potapova in Melbourne Park, on the first day of the Aus Open. Anti-meningitis medication cause constipation. Instead of celebrating finishing her studies, Kelsey Trimble, 23, left her home in Toronto behind, rifadin and touched down in Sydney last week along with three suitcases of supplies. Labour's membership has grown by more than 100,000 since the party's devastating general election loss. When he's in the right mood and in the right film, Danny DeVito rifadin is a class act. An official government review into the viability of HS2 concluded the project should go ahead but warned it could end up costing as much as 106 billion, according to reports.

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